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Samko Sloboda, is 12 years old, going to the Primary School in Katlovce,having wonderful marks from each subject. He is a cheerful and friendly boy. He is distinguished by his classmates only by not going on his feet yet and moving by a wheelchair because he was born as an otherwise heed child in the 32nd week of pregnancy with a diagnosis of child cerebral palsy. This disease is life-threatening and its consequences can only be overcome by regular everyday exercise. Samko likes and regularly trains from his birth.Thanks to the regular trainging he is able to eat, drink by himslef, talk slowly, and slowly trains walking with support. The biggest affluent of Sam is computer and cooking, he is very happy to help in the kitchen and invent new recipes. Samko first practiced ´´Vojt’s method´´ with which we ended in his 6 years because it was no longer suitable for him. Since the age of 6 he regularly (inter alia) rehabilitates in NEURINO center, Samorín, where he can manage these difficult exercises with a smile. He goes with his family to this center regularly every two months for a two-week stay, during which he also learns exercises for everyday home exercises. Despite the fact that after each rehabilitation at this center, there is seen an obvious progress in his skills and abilities, the health insurance does not pay for these treatments , and has to be fully paid by the patients themmself. Our donation will be used to pay for Sams rehabilitation at NEURINO.

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