Posted by pista-st

Martin will me 16 in a couple of days, he was born wrapped with unblical cord around his neck and body, he was transported to the hospital, where we stayed 3 months and started with the Vojta’s method, which he practices until now. Then he struggled also under heavy epileptic attacks (currently 4 years without an attack). When he was 1 year old, he was diagnosed with poliomyetilis -quadruple form.Currently Martin is visiting every day for 4 hours a school, which is specialized for disabled children.He is not able to sit by himslef, nor to walk. He can say only a few words, but he understands a lot of things.   He and his mom are big fighters, trying to improve his condition by various procedures and hippotherapy. For all of these rehabilitations they have to pay and we will help, by paying for it for the next month.

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