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Ludmilka Jambrich is a little girl born from twins. However, her twin sister did not survive. The girl is 27 years old and alternately lives with her parents in the village of Abraham, or is located in a social service home in Galanta. She has a heavy grade of cerebral palsy, a severe combined stroke – both mental and physical. She spends time in the garden, listening to the birds or pleasant music.She is happy when she can get a bit of tan.

Parents are required to provide part of the amount, that the insurance company does not pay for hygienic toiletries, to pay at their own expense. Also, the medicaments she needs for better digestion. This is why we decided to help Jambrich’s family, so we will supply these medical toiletries and some of the medication,for three month.

We want Ludmilka,that the sun,which she loves so much always shines on her and we wish her and her family a lot of love.

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