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The Civic Association Vagus was founded in 2011 and it brings professional and inovatiove aproach to work with homeless people and thanks to the effort of the operating team it was able to create and sustain numerous irreplaceble projects and activities aimed at combating extreme city poverty. Solving the problem of homelessness is not sufficient in Slovakia and activities of CA Vagus are an important contribution to the positive changes in our society that often substitute the obligations of state and municipal entities.

Every year of its existence the Civic Association Vagus has brought new pilot project, which is a part of the long-term vision of professional and at the same time human assistance to homeless people (Streetwork with homeless people, DOMEC – Daily Low-treshold Center, café DOBRE&DOBRÉ). Projects of CA Vagus are well respected by experts, the community and appreciated at international level (Eg. ERSTE Foundation Award for Social Integration).

Except the direct help to homeless people CA Vagus works at the level of positive change of public opinion through several campaignes and activities e.g. Night outside, Month without home (coorganizer), exhibitions, community work and so on. An important part of the work of the association is the activity in the field of legislative changes relating to homeless people in Slovakia. Annotating the laws, creating new legislative proposals, lobbying and promoting common aims based on the needs of homeless people are active part of CA Vagus’ work in this area (long term cooperation with Pro Bono Lawyers, ombudsman, memberships in numerous job groups and the like.).

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